Please join us for great food this weekend out at 23360 Lake Manor dr.. Chatsworth ca 91311 From 11AM to 10PM .. Great ribs and sandwiches !! CALL: 818-348-8100

Come on down to Lenny’s in Chatsworth this weekend .. Rain or shine.. We will be hooking people up with the baddest tri-tip in these here parts..

Home of Cookin’ with Lenny’s restaurant

We been breaking records!! can keep enough ribs and other goodies around..saturday and sunday at the furture home of “Cookin’ with Lenny’s Smokehouse” 23360 Lake Manor Dr. Chatsworth ca 91311.. come by between 11AM-10PM every Tuesday-Sunday… get some “slap yo Mamma” ribs.. best ribs in L.A.


“Cookin’ With Lenny” gourmet production services provides everything necessary to make your catering experience both unique and enjoyable.From the state-of-the-art fleet of catering trucks, to elegant doilies and silver trays, to a massive three-station huge outdoor barbeque for special events, the catering team from “Cookin’ With Lenny” will make your next event or industry party a glowing success.”